Big Brother 2014 winner Helen Wood had 14 warnings in first week

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother UK champion Helen Wood was given 14 warnings in just her first four days inside the house.

The revelation was made on Channel 5 earlier today on chat show The Wright Stuff, where it was claimed Helen had been warned fourteen times by Big Brother over her aggressive behaviour.

We saw Helen get at least two official warnings over her actions in the house, being told after her first back in June: “If you repeat this behaviour again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house."

Helen replied at the time: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me… for what it’s worth, I’m really sorry.”

But just weeks later, Helen was dragged to the Diary Room after she said she wanted to "smash [Ashleigh's] f**king head in.”

Helen again said "sorry" after Big Brother warned her over the remark.

Speaking after last Friday's final, runner up Ashleigh Coyle admitted she was shocked that Helen had not been kicked out.

“It was kind of unfair for someone to win who has behaved that aggressively throughout a ten-week process,” she said.

Ashleigh went on: “I am shocked that Big Brother was quite so lenient with Helen. I didn’t realise how many ­warnings she was getting. She did and said things that I expected them to step in about.

“So I’m quite shocked that they let her stay in for as long as they did.”

During her time in the house, Helen and her mouth caused a total of some 1,500 Ofcom complaints.

But it seems she's not changed, hitting out at Danielle McMahon on Twitter today.

"Wonder if Mrs Doyle has been to confession now her can of worms is open. Strict catholic my arse...Frrruuurt #slys***t @CLASSICFOX," Helen wrote.

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