Celebrity Big Brother 2014: White Dee given secret mission

White Dee /  Deirdre Kelly (CBB)

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemate White Dee has been given a special secret mission.

Just hours into the new series of CBBUK, Big Brother is already is up to his old tricks.

After the first four housemates - White Dee, James Jordan, Claire King and David McIntosh - entered the house, Big Brother gathered the group.

Dee was called to the Diary Room where Big Brother revealed that she was being given a special secret mission.

Tonight, Dee would become a member of the Royal Family, 21st in line to the throne to be specific.

For the next 24 hours, she has to walk, talk and wave like a Royal.

To pass, she has to the convince the final three international housemates - who have no idea who she is - to enter the house that she really is a duchess.

If Dee passes her task, it's a week of luxury for the whole house but if the Benefits Street star gets royally rumbled the housemates will instead have to like as paupers.

To help her pass, Dee was given a royal makeover and entered the house again as the last housemate.

Furthermore, all of the other housemates were in on the twist.

The final three housemates - Gary Busey, Leslie Jordan and Angelique Morgan - have to be fooled in order for the whole group to pass the task.

White Dee duchess

Entering the house for a second time at the end of the launch show, Duchess Dee met the three new housemates and began to try and fool them.

We reckon pulling the wool over the eyes of Gary Busey won't be too hard...

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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