Big Brother 2014 winner Helen Wood insists she's NOT aggressive(!)

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother UK winner Helen Wood has insisted she's not an aggressive person and instead blamed a lot of her actions on the other housemates.

Helen controversially won the latest BB series last Friday night but said this weekend she was not aggressive and NOT a bully.

After causing some 1,500 complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom over the course of the series, Helen said: “I may have been a bit hot-headed but I am not a bully. Sometimes my temper gets the better of me.

"But people in there were putting other people down and I listened to that quite a lot of the time. Then I’d had enough."

She claimed: “A lot of people jumped on the ‘aggressive’ bandwagon but I am hot-headed more than aggressive. But if that’s what my arguments made people think, I can’t change that.

“I bite too easily and get very vocal and sometimes I go too far.”

Helen said she "wanted to change" but blamed her repeated arguments on "people who put others down."

Since winning the show - and walking away with the £100,000 prize money - Helen has now hit out at some of her ex-housemates.

“Matthew, Toya and Danielle are the biggest hypocrites of the house," she said. “Matthew was very rude and very opinionated, and said disgusting things about people who earn less than a certain amount of money. He has a very high opinion of himself. Yet he doesn’t even work himself.

“I got tired of hearing him and, that night, I did get in an argument and I did fire back at all the negativity.”

It was reported last night that Matthew and Ash Harrison clashed after the BB final after Helen won.

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