Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle hits out at Helen Wood

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Ashleigh Coyle has claimed that Big Brother bosses should have booted Helen Wood out of the house before Friday night's final.

Helen shockingly won over Ashleigh in the last live show, walking out with £100,000.

But if Ashleigh had her way, Helen would have never made it to the end.

"It was kind of unfair for someone to win who has behaved that aggressively throughout a ten-week process," she said this weekend. “There were people being evicted who weren’t as bad but then they didn’t have a pass to the final like she did.”

Speaking in her press exit interviews yesterday, Ashleigh also suggested that BB producers treated Helen favourably due to her "character".

"I am shocked that Big Brother was quite so lenient with Helen," she said. “I didn’t realise how many ­warnings she was getting. She did and said things that I expected them to step in about.

“So I’m quite shocked that they let her stay in for as long as they did."

Ashleigh added: “She went out the fire escape one night and if someone who was less of a character had done it they’d ­probably have been told to leave.”

Meanwhile, Helen herself has insisted she's not bothered by the hate from either the other housemates or the public.

She said: “I’ll be able to take whatever gets thrown at me. I’m not going to respond to people who want to upset me. They’re just going to get ignored.

“It’s about getting a grip. Not sitting there saying ‘Woe is me’.”