Big Brother 2014 viewers blast 'unfair' Helen Wood win

Big Brother Summer 2014

Two days after Helen Wood's controversial Big Brother 2014 win and it's still causing upset.

The former prostitute was branded a bully during her time in the house and had at least two official warnings from Big Brother (that we saw).

But the main anger over Helen's victory was her pass to the final, with some fans comparing it to giving a football team a free pass straight to the last match in the World Cup.

Runner up Ashleigh Coyle hit out at Helen's 'favourable' treatment this weekend, telling the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "I’m quite shocked that they let her stay in for as long as they did.”

She added: “She went out the fire escape one night and if someone who was less of a character had done it they’d ­probably have been told to leave.”

In our poll over the past 48 hours, almost 5,000 have voted with some 75% unhappy with Friday's result, while just 10% thought Helen deserved to win.

The show has also been inundated with numerous 'fix' claims, with many claiming that producers wanted Helen to win from Day One.

BBUK host Emma insisted there was 'no fix', but even she seemed shocked and somewhat unhappy by the result, refusing to say that Helen deserved the £100,000 prize money.

However with Celebrity Big Brother starting tomorrow, it'll probably be a case of 'Helen who?' this time next month...

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