Big Brother 2014 winner Helen Wood says prize money will 'change her life'

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Big Brother UK winner Helen Wood has said that the £100,000 prize money will 'change her life'.

It was Helen who won Big Brother 2014 last night, beating Ashleigh Coyle in the final two.

Speaking after her exit, Helen said: "I just can't say anything other than [I feel] shocked. I came in.... I know how I got in, I think it's obvious in the footage and how I am as a peroson; people find it really difficult to get on with me.

"I just wanted to get a few people to change their opinion of me, I'd be quite happy with just a few people to say 'She is genuinely nice'.

"To be sat in this position is beyond my dreams and I can't say thank you enough. I am so, so grateful."


Helen said that the £100,000 prize fund would change her life and she couldn't wait to return to her son.

But Helen confessed that she wouldn't do the show again, describing the experience as "special".

Asked if she would've done anything differently in hindsight, Helen admitted: "I probably shouldn't say the C word as much as I do.

"I think I should've made a bit more effort with certain individuals and left a few other people to do their own thing instead of keep trying.

"And I should've taken the time out to know people like Christopher and Chris a bit more."

Meanwhile, Ashleigh blamed the house tension for her and Helen's rivalry.

The Northern Irish beauty explained: "Me and Helen Didn't get on because we've got a lot of similarities but our differences made us clash.


"The tension in there was unbelievable, but when that went off at the end made it a lot easier for us to get along."

Big Brother will air again next summer on Channel 5, while CBB begins on Monday night.

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