Big Brother 2014 housemates left in tears after slideshow of best moments

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The Big Brother 2014 housemates are left in tears tonight after a slideshow of their time in the house.

In this evening's highlights, Big Brother surprises the group with the slideshow.

Helen says “I want everyone back; I want everyone back in the room” and Ash admits “I feel well emotional watching this”.

After the slideshow finishes, they all hug, including Helen and Ashleigh.

The warring girls later apologise to one another, and Ashleigh tells Helen that their mutual apology means so much to her before she starts crying.

Helen kisses Ashleigh on the cheek which makes Ashleigh cry some more so they embrace again.

Later, Ashleigh talks to Big Brother about Helen and says that “We actually did have some good times amongst all the arguing…we’re fed up with fighting”

Helen admits, “We’ve shared a lot of really good can put your differences to one side”

In the living area, Helen wishes Ashleigh luck and says, “I hope you get everything you want”

As bed time approaches, the Housemates all embrace again in the garden with ‘ice queen’ Ashleigh breaking the circle to say “That’s enough affection for one night!”

Big Brother 2014 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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