Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood feels guilty about her pass to the final

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood has confessed she feels guilty about her pass to the Big Brother 2014 final.

Helen has controversially stayed in the house over the past nine weeks after getting a pass to the final in the first week.

And in tonight's show, Helen admits to Big Brother that she's worried about her reaction from the crowd come tomorrow night's final.

"I can’t plan anything in my head because it just won’t even happen. I’ve prepared myself for the worst," Helen says. "I’ve been thinking about if for the last week…Now that I’ve actually done it and I’ve spoke to two people who, I think got the worst reactions, they were the best two people to speak to.

"I think mine is probably going to be on the same scale, maybe worse, maybe not as bad…I don’t know…I’m feeling excited and I’m feeling like I’m ready to face the music”

Speaking about her pass to the final, Helen continues to tell BB: “I felt a bit guilty at times, when people have been packing on a Friday…It’s a horrible experience…I get nervous for them and I don’t even know how they’re feeling so for me to be facing it for real, after ten weeks, I’m just happy I’m in the same situation as everyone else.

"If I got even one cheer, I think I’d be like ‘what was that?’ I’m preparing myself for even more boos than when I walked in…I’m not that bothered. I’ll just have to see what I get on the night…I think I know though”

Elsewhere in tonight's show, in the Diary Room, Ash tells Big Brother that he’s missed having Winston and Steven in the House and “can’t wait to see them again”, before breaking down in tears, “It’s not like I’m sad, it’s just overwhelming…I just wanted to keep hugging them”

Big Brother 2014 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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