Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 70 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's your penultimate Big Brother 2014 highlights recap, as the series draws to a close.

It's Day 70 and Ash admits he’s “scared of leaving” the Big Brother House, as all the Housemates wake up as finalists.

In the dressing area, Helen and Ashleigh discuss leaving the House. Helen admits that she’s scared about being on her own when she leaves. Ashleigh says that she doesn’t mind her own company but wonders if that will change once she leaves the Big Brother House.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas and reveals that for the first part of today’s task, ex-Housemates Danielle and Zoe will be giving them media training, to help them deal with awkward questions they may face when they leave the House. These questions are posed by the public:

Christopher is asked what his true feelings about Mark are and says that he really likes Mark but never knew where he stood with him, adding that they were very different and always fighting. Danielle advises Christopher to be very careful when answering personal questions.

Pav is asked why he aligned himself with Ash and Helen when they were instrumental in ostracising him from the group. Pav says that he tried to get to know them, so he could understand them better.

Helen is asked if there are any current or former Housemates that she plans to apologise to. Helen apologises to Zoe but adds “everyone else I genuinely probably didn’t like and don’t deserve an apology…everyone else can get stuffed” Danielle suggests that her response may divide public opinion and that she needs to handle these questions with “as much dignity and decorum as possible” to which Helen remarks, “I’m not a lady”

Ashleigh is asked to explain why she calls Helen “aggressive and nasty” when she sla*s people off with Chris. Ashleigh admits that Helen is probably the only person she has sla**ed off in the past few weeks and she speaks to Chris because she is closest to him in the House. Zoe praises Ashleigh for her honest response.

Ash is asked if he fancies Helen and he jokingly says “No…she’s a kn*b! She’s my best mate in the House and she’s alright to look at but she’s a kn*b head!” Zoe advises that calling Helen a kn*b head could result in a negative headline.

Finally, Chris is asked why he only expresses his opinion in the Diary Room and not to people’s faces. Chris says that “that’s the sort of person I am…I think a lot about things and I weigh things up…my intention in here was to go up there and speak as I think” before admitting that “I have started to tell people I felt this…or I think I was wrong about that, because I feel more comfortable now”

For the second part of today’s task, ex-Housemates Mark and Biannca will give a master class on how to give a memorable exit from the House. An excited Mark and Biannca tell Big Brother that they can’t wait to see Helen, Ash and Christopher, adding that they don’t want to see Chris.

The Housemates each give a speech about why they are a worthy winner. Helen says “I’ve had a lot of highs, a lot of lows…but I’ve been a very good friend to a lot of people…there’s never a dull moment with me” and Ashleigh admits, “I’ve made a few friends and I’ve turned enemies into friends…I’ve learnt a lot of lessons in here, mainly about myself”

For the final part of the task, Housemates receive a master class on brand endorsements from Steven and Winston:

Steven’s team is made up of Helen, Ashleigh and Chris, who promote a series of Big Brother beauty products.

Winston’s team, Ash, Christopher and Pav, are second to promote as series of fitness products. Christopher describes his fitness ball as being “as big as my own balls after 70 days in the House”, before kicking it towards the kitchen, breaking some plates along the way

Later in the garden, Christopher talks to Pav about Mark. Pav points out to Christopher “You really like him don’t you...I don’t think you realise how much you talk about him” to which Christopher replies “I must do...I’ll get over it”

For successfully passing today’s task, Big Brother rewards the Housemates with a party and tells them that the store room is now open. As Helen opens the door, the ex-Housemates who visited today (Danielle, Zoe, Steven, Winston, Mark and Biannca) all leap out as a surprise addition to the party! All the Housemates then link arms and sing Back For Good.

Danielle assures Chris that “You’re doing so well, honestly no one hates you... you’re smashing it” Danielle also tells Ashleigh that her boyfriend misses her, prompting her to cry

After the ex-Housemates leave, the remaining finalists discuss the day in the garden. Helen says that after today “Whatever crap goes on out there, I’m not bothered” Ash agrees by saying “I cannot wait to get out there and see them all”

Chris tells Big Brother that it was nice to see the ex-Housemates but notes that some of them were looking at him strangely because they have seen him “speak my mind” in the Diary Room. He says that he’s “always open” to friendship in the outside world and adds that he is “genuinely excited about being in the final."

Big Brother 2014 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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