Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood says teary apology to Ashleigh Coyle


With just a night to go until the Big Brother final, Helen Wood has given a teary apology to Ashleigh Coyle.

The well timed chat (cynical, us?!) saw both girls in tears in the early hours of this morning.

It followed a party and celebration between both the final six and a number of ex housemates in the house together.

"I owe you an apology," Helen said as she embraced Ashleigh, "Regardless of all the bitchy comments, I didn't mean to upset you ever, ever.

I don't care if people say shes just doing because they're leaving, they're not in this situation inside here."

Ashleigh replied: "Thanks Helen, that means so much."

Helen went on: "You've upset me and you never mean it, I never meant it, we just clashed.

"We were put in a situation where there were two girls left int he house with strong personalities."

As the pair continued to hug - and now both in tears - Helen told Ashleigh: "Good luck for winning and when you get out and I hope you get everything you want, every single thing, you deserve it."

She added: "Don't let anyone ever drag you down, whatever is out there when you get out of here, snatch it with two hands... unless your mum says no."

Ashleigh said: "I'm glad we sorted it before we left."

"We needed to!" quipped Helen.

Do you think Helen's apology was sincere? Watch the teary chat in full below...

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