Big Brother 2014 warning: Steven Goode is back in the house

This post contains mentions, pictures and video of Steven Goode that some readers may prefer to avoid.

This evening both Steven and Winston Showan reentered the house as part of today's task.

The current Housemates must try to pass the today's task preparing for life on the outside world in order to win a party for themselves, as well as their ex-Housemates, which also include Biannca, Danielle, Mark and Zoe.

For their part of the task, Steven and Winston gave the group a guide on Promotional Training.

After leaving the Big Brother House, Housemates may be offered the chance to advertise a variety of different products, some good, and some bad.

In this session, Housemates have to put their promotion skills to the test. Housemates will be divided into two teams, and then allocated a product chosen for them by the two ex-Housemates.

Products include a motorised toilet brush, invented by Winston, which includes a gold version and even versions with the housemates' faces on.

An extra selling point of the new invention is that it detects "verbal s**t", with Steven quipping: "That's for you Chris".

He just couldn't resist...

The task in full will air on Thursday night's highlights show.