Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle claims Helen Wood has 'bullied' her

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Helen Wood fears being branded a bully in Big Brother 2014 tonight after overhearing Ashleigh Coyle from the secret room.

Chris and Helen spend the day together watching the other housemates from the 'Spare Room' after their fake evictions the night before.

Although Chris isn't too interested, telling Big Brother that it is hard for him to watch the house and that he can’t sit and listen to people’s conversations.

After branding Helen 'f**king nasty', Ashleigh tells Christopher that some of the things that have been said about her in the house have been like some of the things she had at school, where she sat on her own a lot.

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Ashleigh says that bullying isn’t always beating someone up and stealing their lunch money it can be also excluding people and making fun of them, adding that she thought she was coming into the house to spend time with ‘adults.’

In the Spare Room, Helen talks to Chris about what she has overheard and tells him that she has never excluded Ashleigh, she has always tried to encourage her.

Helen says she has always made an effort with Ashleigh and that it’s Ashleigh that has made the relationship impossible and that she is making Helen look like a bully.

She also claims that everything she says to Ashleigh is misinterpreted.

Chris replies, saying that even he has found Helen intimidating at first and he wasn’t bullied at school, he adds that Ashleigh and Helen are opposites on the same page.

Later and after returning to the main house, Helen says that after listening to Ashleigh she understands that Ashleigh was bullied at school and that Helen reminds her of everyone that bullied her.

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen however still claims that she thinks that Ashleigh probably appears to be an ‘angel’ in the Diary Room and talks in a baby voice and comes across as very sweet.

She adds that she is always the same, either in the Diary Room or in the house.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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