Big Brother 2014: Danielle McMahon returns and it gets awkward with Helen Wood

Danielle McMahon and Helen Wood faced off in the Big Brother 2014 house today.

After branding her "vile" earlier this week, Danielle went up against Helen in today's task.

With the final approaching and the exit from the house just days away for the finalists, a number of ex-housemates have returned to prepare the remaining lot for leaving.

In the first part, Danielle and Zoe returned to get the group a course in media training and answering questions from the press.

In a press conference set up, Danielle and Zoe had to tutor the ex-Housemates

Big Brother had collated challenging questions for each Housemate from the public. Each Housemate must answer these questions taking on board the advice given to them from the ex-Housemates.

Ash was confronted of being "boring" while Christopher had to true answer to his feelings about Mark.

Helen was asked if she was sorry for any of her actions but while she apologised to Zoe, she then said: "Everyone else I probably just didn't like and don't deserve an apology. Everyone else can get stuffed"

Danielle told her: "I think with those types of questions you should always handle them with as much dignity and decorum as possible."

Helen replied, to giggles from Chris: "I'm not a lady so I don't do that."

Watch a clip from the task above!

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