Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 69 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's tonight's Big Brother 2014 spoilers as Helen Wood and Chris R Wright spend time in a secret room.

It's Day 69 and Helen and Chris are still in Big Brother’s spare room and are out of bed before their fellow Housemates. As Helen watches on she calls them ‘lazy sods.’

Pav and Ashleigh go to the Diary Room and are told for today’s task they are to be treated as Celebrity VIPs for the day. The other Housemates must accommodate all of their diva demands.

Chris talks to Big Brother and compares Helen to a firework and doesn’t want to be there when she goes off. He does say a little bit of him thought Chris and Ash would evict Pav over him and observes that Pav seems to have settled into the space vacated by Winston. Chris says that he would like to see everyone bar Pav winning the series and the money.

The next part of the Celebrity VIP task sees a fake Paparazzo have exclusive access to the Housemates to take scandalous pictures. The Celeb VIP’s Ashleigh and Pav must pose for shots dictated by Big Brother. The shots include posing with the housemate they think will be next to leave the Big Brother House - Ash, Pav smooching with the housemate he thinks will win - Christopher and Ashleigh getting steamy with the housemate she thinks will win - Christopher.

Helen tells Chris she doesn’t know how she feels about the house. She doesn’t understand some of the things that Christopher has said about her. Chris says he is choosing not to listen.

Ashleigh demands that Christopher pours her a drink and accuses him of ‘shaking the fizz out of it.’ This drives her nuts even when she isn’t a celebrity.

Pav and Ashleigh go to the diary for a celebrity interview, what they don’t know is that the questions are coming from Helen and Chris. The questions include:

• What would you like to be earning? – Pav – 10-15k a month. Ashleigh – Not money obsessed.
• Ideal House? – Pav – 100 metre drive and a fountain. Ashleigh – Really nice garden where her granny can teach her gardening techniques but clean.
• What came first the chicken or the egg – Ashleigh – Egg.
• Most difficult Housemate? Ashleigh – Helen, she knew that Helen wasn’t afraid of her. Pav – Chris, because he went to him when he was struggling.
• How do you feel about the way Helen and Chris were evicted? Pav – So shocked. Ashleigh – Gutted about the way Helen wasn’t evicted, wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
• Do you feel that Helen was misunderstood by other Housemates? - Pav – Yes. Ashleigh – No.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas to reveal the results of today’s task and says that the Pav and Ashleigh kept ‘hitting the headlines’ and made a real splash. Housemates are then shown the paparazzi shots from earlier. Big Brother then dramatically reveals that two other Housemates have also been hitting the headlines and in a big twist reveals that Helen and Chris were fake evicted and they re-join the house to much excitement.

Chris tells Ashleigh that Helen was getting wound up listening to her and Christopher. Chris tells her it was very stressful for him in the Spare Room and Ashleigh says that Helen makes it very difficult for her to like her.

Christopher is shocked that the other Housemates coming back and says that he is ‘totes emosh.’ Ash points out that Helen doesn’t seem totally happy to be back and asks Christopher what he has said. Helen joins them and Ash asks her what bad things she heard. Helen wants to pretend it never happened as she doesn’t want to ruin her last few days in the house and that she will never see Ashleigh again after they leave.

The Housemates are gathered on the sofas and told that they are all finalists in Big Brother 2014. They are given some sparkling wine and Ash proposes a toast to ‘the best summer of our lives.’

Ashleigh talks to Chris about what Helen heard and says: ‘Imagine if I’d been there.’

Helen does end up opening up to Christopher and Ash about what she heard Ashleigh saying about her when she was listening in the spare room.

Helen talks to Big Brother about Ashleigh and says: ‘We’ve basically done each other’s heads in.’ She goes on to say it’s a no win situation with her and that they are completely different people. She contradicts herself as she points out later that they are so similar in that they both need to be bossy and in charge.

Ashleigh tells Chris that she didn’t want Helen to hear some parts of her conversation with Christopher earlier in the day. Chris tells Ashleigh Helen saw it.

Christopher tells Chris his reasons for evicting him and Chris says: ‘You wouldn’t have been happy with any decision you made.’ Christopher tells Chris he is very special to him. Chris reassures him he didn’t take it personally and that Christopher shouldn’t feel guilty. They go on to talk about Helen and Ashleigh and Christopher says although their tactics are different but they are both spoiling for a fight and that there isn’t time for fresh starts.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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