Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood fears death threats as she hits out at Ashleigh Coyle

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother's Helen wood fears people wanting her DEAD ahead of her exit from the show on Friday night.

We've had to endure Helen from Day One thanks to her pass to the final and she reckons it'l lead to possibly one of the worst reactions in BB history.

She admitted: “I feel like there’s a hitman waiting to blow my head off!” Helen has shocked fans with her bitchy antics.

Helen, who broke down in tears earlier in the week over how she had been perceived, said: “I knew what I was walking into, but I think more ­people hate me now.”

However it doesn't seem as though Helen is going to change, once again spending last night complaining about Ashleigh Coyle.

This time it was after Big Brother put her and Chris into a secret room for 24 hours, allowing them to spy on the other housemates.

Confronting Christopher Hall over what she had heard after returning to the main house last night, Helen claimed that Ashleigh had proven that she only had herself to blame for any house divides.

"I've had days where I've wanted to just go into myself and think about my child and stuff, my problem was - and isn't anymore - as it's too exhausting to even go there," Helen began.

She continued: "I saw today [in the secret room] that she's been excluded, but shes contradicted herself there because you [Ashleigh] just said you've been excluded but at the same time you don't like big groups and that's why you did go off with Danielle and Christopher, so have you been excluded or do you chose to do it?"

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5 with the final on Friday night.

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