Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood, Chris R Wright return to main house... already

helen chris

Less than 24 hours after they were fake evicted, Chris R Wright and Helen Wood have returned to the Big Brother house.

In yesterday evening's latest highlights show we saw the Housemates gathered on the sofas before they Emma Willis' voice came booming in.

Emma told the shock group that the public have spoken and the next Housemate to be evicted is – Helen.

Later on, the Housemates were gathered again and new Power housemate Ash and Christopher were told to stand up and decide who to evict then and there from the remaining Housemates, choosing Chris.

However neither Chris nor Helen were really evicted, instead moving to Big Brother's 'Spare Room' for the past 24 hours, where they've spied on the main house.

And in today's task, the pair also got the chance to set questions to both Pav and Ashleigh as part of the pair's time as BB VIPs.

While they unsurprisingly saw bitching - with Helen once again getting particularly riled by Ashleigh - there were no bad feels and only smiles and hugs all around when Helen and Chris stepped foot into the main house again this evening.

At least for now, it's all happy families, begging the question what exactly was the twist for?

BB continues nightly on C5 with the final THIS FRIDAY!

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