Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood gets riled by Ashleigh Coyle

Big Brother's secret house next door seems to be doing a pretty good job of leaving Helen Wood riled.

In tonight's show we'll see Helen and Chris R Wright get fake 'evicted' into the Spare Room, where they've been spying on the remaining housemates.

And Ashleigh's actions and supposedly "snide-y" comments have angered Helen.

Earlier today, the Northern Irish beauty made no secret of her glee that Helen had gone and said of her, amongst other things: "There's being upfront then there's being mannerly about it as well."

Speaking to Chris in the Spare Room, Helen tried to put her side of the story across.

She claimed that Ashleigh was the one who had 'caused a lot of the problems" in the house and explained that she was "too scared of reacting in case it comes across as me being nasty".

Helen revealed: "I thought 'I'm not safe around you, everything I say is misinterpreted' but she can say what the hell she likes when she likes to me, no one says f**k all.

"No one says anything when she makes comments to me or makes snipes at me."

Meanwhile in the main house, a homesick Ashleigh decided she had no reason to feel put down by ex housemates.

"I do actually deserve to be here because if the public thought I was that f**king nasty and horrible I wouldn't be here," she told Christopher, "They've had plenty of opportunities to throw me out of this house and they chose not to."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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