Big Brother 2014: Christopher Hall evicts 'evasive' Chris W Rright

Big Brother Summer 2014

Christopher Hall has revealed the reasoning behind his and Ash Harrison's decision to evict Chris R Wright.

In tonight's show, Christopher and Ash are given the power.

Christopher talks to Chris about having The Power and the decision he and Ash have to make. He says that he hopes it can be positive.

Christopher tells Chris that he isn’t sure he could evict someone face to face and Chris agrees it would be hard and says the house feels like a family environment, a dysfunctional family but a family all the same.

Past pair of the task, the new Power Duo don some glasses and invite the Housemates to lie on the couch in their psychiatry practice

Ash and Christopher go to the Control Room where Ash says that the therapy sessions were: ‘Highly revealing.’ Ash says that the most honest and open patient was Pav ‘by a country mile.’ Christopher goes on to say that he found Chris ‘quite evasive.

Come the evening, the Housemates are gathered for the last time and Ash and Christopher are told to stand and decide who to evict then and there from the remaining Housemates.

After their session with Pav they are reluctant to evict him and so decide on Chris. Chris says that he has no hard feelings towards Ash or Christopher.

Chris is told to leave by the Diary Room and he is told it’s not a real eviction and he goes to join Helen in Big Brother’s Spare Room.

Back in the main house, Ash and Christopher explain why they didn’t evict Pav, because of his openness on the couch. Pav is touched and starts to cry.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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