Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 68 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a preview of tonight's Big Brother 2014 house highlights as two of the group are evicted.

It's Day 68 and the day after the court room drama and Helen and Ashleigh are still not on speaking terms.

Pav and Ask talk about yesterday’s legal task. Pav says that they came up with some ‘sick’ questions and that the judge made a mistake.

Christopher reassures Ashleigh about her drunken antics the night before and tells her she was ‘lovely’ and she’s not a nasty drunk. Ash comes into the bedroom and asks Ashleigh if she is hungover. Ashleigh says that today is her mum’s birthday and she will have to watch her on TV tonight acting drunk.

Christopher talks to Big Brother about Helen. He says that he feels that Helen has been responsible for most of the divisions in the house, Ashleigh less so. He says that they have congratulated Helen recently on being more chatty and polite but maintains that’s how people should be and they have been proud of her mainly because they have low expectations of her.

The Housemates are gathered on the sofas and told that The Power is back in the house and the new Power Housemates are – Ash and Christopher. They are then told to go to the Control Room where Iris tells them that they have access to Big Brother’s most sacred sanctum – the Diary Room. They are told that they will take control of the Diary Room to help them make a big decision.

Pav. Chris and Ashleigh are in the garden, speculating on when this week’s evictions will be. Pav says: ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

Ash and Christopher are asked to the Control Room again to see the Housemates’ answers to their questions. Their first question was – What would be the one piece of advice you would offer each Housemate and why? Helen says she would advise Ashleigh that she is only 18 and should have more of a laugh and Ashleigh says she would tell Helen to not get so worked up over things. The next question is – Who do you want to win and why? Chris says Ashleigh as she is ‘the greatest person I’ve ever met.’ Pav says Christopher as he has been on the biggest journey. The last question is - Who would you evict and why? Ashleigh says Pav and Helen says that although she has problems with Ashleigh she wouldn’t necessarily evict her and finally chooses Chris. Chris says Pav and Pav says Chris.

The new Power Duo don some glasses and invite the Housemates to lie on the couch in their psychiatry practice. Firstly, they invite the Housemates to look at pictures and describe what meaning they ascribe to the images. Helen sees: ‘a c**k split in half’. ‘t*ts’ and a ‘cervix’. The pair then ask the Housemates what it would mean to them to win the show. Ashleigh said she would be very proud to be a winner at her age and Helen said she would love to win but she probably won’t. Pav confesses that he regrets his VT and really opens up about how he has changed in his time in the house and how the experience has affected his confidence. Helen says that people have upset her in the house because they think she is ‘made of stone.’ The next question is - Who doesn’t deserve to win. Helen thinks that Chris doesn’t seem to value his place as much as some of the others. The Housemates then have to say one word when shown a picture of another Housemate. Helen says ‘bitch’ when she is shown Ashleigh and Ashleigh says ‘great friend’ when she is shown Chris.

The Housemates are gathered once more on the sofas and they hear Emma’s voice. Emma tells them that the public have spoken and the next Housemate to be evicted is – Helen. All the Housemates look shocked and Emma tells Helen she must leave through the Diary Room. When Helen reaches the Diary Room, Big Brother tells her that this is not a real eviction and she will be going into Big Brother’s Spare Room where she can spy on the other Housemates.

The Housemates are gathered for the last time and Ash and Christopher are told to stand and decide who to evict then and there from the remaining Housemates. After their session with Pav they are reluctant to evict him and so decide on Chris. Chris says that he has no hard feelings towards Ash or Christopher. Chris is told to leave by the Diary Room and he is told it’s not a real eviction and he goes to join Helen in Big Brother’s Spare Room.

Helen and Chris immediately spy on the Housemates and Helen hears Ash, proposing a toast to her, saying that she is ‘quality’ and an ‘awesome character’ and that his time in the house would not have been the same without her. Helen says she is especially interested in seeing Ashleigh in the Diary Room being an ‘evil witch.’ Chris doesn’t seem very interested in spying on people in the Diary Room.

Christopher talks to Pav about the two evictions and says it’s ‘surreal.’ Christopher explains he is the last out of the ten he came in with and Ash is the last out of his launch group and Ashleigh the last girl.

Ash goes to the Diary Room to talk about Helen’s departure. He says that he has lost his 3 best mates in one weekend.

Chris propositions Helen saying: ‘Do you want to spoon tonight?’ Helen warns him that he ‘better not snore.’

Ash and Ashleigh pack Chris and Helen stuff and Christopher writes a little note to put in Chris’ bag. Helen shouts: ‘Where the f**k is my note?’

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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