Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle, Christopher Hall bitch as Helen Wood listens in

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Ashleigh Coyle and Christopher Hall got bitchy in the Big Brother 2014 house this morning.

It followed Helen's fake eviction last night which saw both her and Chris R Wright leave the house, only to live secretly next door.

And it seems that the usually suspicious housemates have no idea about this latest twist.

Speaking about Helen today, Ashleigh said: "I'd rather be a bitch 1000 times than be nasty once and she's f**king nasty."

She continued: "She's f**king nasty."

Christopher said: "She had made life incredibly difficult for everyone in here. Not only did she have arguments with half the house, she had disagreements with most of the others."

Ashleigh went on: "I can be two faced, I'm not going to deny it, so she's so she can get the f**k over herself.

"On the outside world, if I don't have any basic respect for you I'm not going to try and reason with you, why you're f**king annoying or I think you're a bitch because I'll just f**k off and tell someone else 'She's a dick'.

"If you're a friend or I have any sort of respect for you I'll tell you if I have any problems with someone like Helen I wouldn't even waste my breath trying to reason with her to show her she's a f**king a**ehole"

In the secret hideaway, Chris reacted: "No she didn't just say that." as Helen sat in silence.

Meanwhile, back in the main house, Chris' fake eviction got a much more sympathetic reaction.

"I'm very upset this morning, I think it was the right decision though," said Christopher, who with Ash had to decide who to 'evict'.

Ashleigh replied: "At least I'll have someone defending me now."

The task and fallout will air on tonight's show on Channel 5.