Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood is RAGING at Ashleigh Coyle again

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Helen Wood gets angry over Ashleigh Coyle again on Big Brother 2014 tonight, complaining that people ignore her bitching.

As the final nears, in the Diary Room Helen says that Ashleigh is “very boring” for an 18 year old, adding “she’s a very grumpy girl…when she puts on this sweet, I’m so innocent act…well, it is just an act. She is, nine times out of ten, very grumpy …she’s either 18 going on 45 or 18 going on 8”

Later, Helen is back in the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that she’s “I’m fed up of being made out to be the only bitch in this house.

"How the f**k have I made a divide in the House...the only reason why I get mad is because I’m sick of granny-fied boring b**tards sitting in corners all over the house sla**ing every one off.

"I’m f**king so pi**ed off that I constantly get sl***ed off for doing things in this house and she gets away with f**king murder, she’s so much more rude then me, she speaks to her friends like s**t...I’m being made out to be this raging bull that goes around annoyed all of the time

"I came in here with a label…Jesus Christ, I’m known as a prostitute I don’t think I could of been labelled anything worse!”


While Helen is looking to set to explode, Ashleigh tells Chris: “I can’t wait to get back to normality…to have my normal way of thinking again”

Chris notes that “None of my friends ever talk about themselves…” and Ashleigh quips, “One more week of listening to the same s**t about themselves!”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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