Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 67 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights as housemates head to court.

It's Day 67 and the Housemates wake up to a grey and gloomy Sunday and Christopher suggests that “a storm is brewing” In the bathroom, Ash and Pav decide to sing Shania Twain’s Looks Like We Made It for the final and joke, “Hopefully we can get Ashleigh to smile…she doesn’t smile!”

In the garden, Christopher and Chris discuss Ashleigh. Christopher says, “her homesickness has just stepped up a notch…there’s nothing we can say now anymore” Chris adds, “When I’m feeling s**tty she’s in a good mood and when she’s feeling s****y, she’s in a good mood”

The Big Brother House has been transformed into a court room as the Housemates stand accused of being a House divided. As the key figures on both sides of the divide, Helen and Ashleigh will take to the stand, so the court can determine who is most guilty of causing the division. Ashleigh’s lead council is Christopher and Helen’s defence will be led by Pav. During the hearing, former Housemates will act as key witnesses via a live video link up. The ultimate verdict will be given by behavioural expert, Judge Judi James.

Former Housemate Kimberly is called as a witness and she says that she “didn’t really have a strong bond” with Ashleigh and “that’s why I wasn’t really offended that she sla**ed me off behind my back” On Helen, she says that “how she dealt with confrontation was so much more efficient and mature” adding that she “would always value Helen over anyone else in the House, just because of how upfront she is…Love Helen”

Former Housemates Danielle is then called as witness and she describes her relationship with Ashleigh as “amazing” adding, “I like to think that she’s an all round good person…maybe she can be a bit off the cuff but it’s all in jest…there’s not a bad bone in that body” Danielle was notably quiet and after Ashleigh says, “See you next week”, Helen remarks, “Can I wake up?!”

Chris is called to the stand and describes his relationship with Helen as being “strained” Helen admits she causes conflict and can be aggressive but suggests that Chris is “one of the main people” causing the divide “along with Ashleigh”

Former Housemate Matthew is then called to give evidence about “rude” and “aggressive” Helen who “holds an influence over a lot of her friends over who they should be friends with”

Former Housemate Steven is then called and says he’s “rooting for” Helen. He describes her as “very warm...I couldn’t possibly ask for a better friend” He goes on to say that she “made an effort” with all the new Housemates whereas Asheligh is more reserved. He then suggests that Chris and Ashleigh are responsible for the divide because they “sit in the corner of the House and sl*g Housemates off” adding about Helen, “I would much rather have a friend that will tell me how it is”

The defendants are asked to stand for the final ruling: Judge Judi James then tells Helen, “it was your own team that damned you...the word was aggression and it kept getting repeated” This caused Helen to be found guilty

The winning legal team are rewarded with sparkling wine in the Pod and discuss Helen. Christopher suggests that she “has the biggest chip on her shoulder…I have tried to see the best in that Helen so many times…we’ve all tried till we’re blue in the face to make friends with her…”

Pav and Helen discuss the results of the trial and Pav assures her that they’re not saying she’s a bad person, but that her behaviour can be seen in a negative light.

The winning team are still in the pod and Ashleigh takes a moment to praise Christopher “Such a remarkable fella and standing up for everything you believe are one person I will not be letting go off when I leave this grateful I am to have met a person like you, you should be so proud of yourself for being the way you are, you are a phenomenal man”
Pav is talking to Big Brother about how much he loved the trial. “Helen is one of the hardest peo
ple to defend in the house...I really like Ashleigh as well...I love Helen I really do, but I also really like Ashleigh”

Helen and Ash are talking about the trial and how they didn’t like being branded as the “cool kids” Ash goes onto say “It’s a made up divide…there is a little bit…it’s not like we’re the red team and they are the blue team”

The rest of the Housemates join them and Ash says, “You do learn at lot from this experience, especially when you’re younger” Ashleigh agrees and goes onto say “Chris wouldn’t be my type of person I’d make friends with on the outside world...I’m very drunk!” Ashleigh then proceeds to rest her head against Ash’s shoulder and says, “Oh Ash, as much as you annoy me I do really appreciate that you're still are a genuine Housemate and you do make people feel better” Helen is staring at them.

Helen is crying in the bathroom and Pav comes to check on her. Helen admits “I feel embarrassed...I’m going to look like the biggest, horriblest b*tch when I walk out this place and she is going to walk out with the sun gleaming out her f**king a***hole, I’ve not been anywhere near as horrible as her” Pav says “This is what you don’t have said some of the nastiest things in this house” Helen replies that she’s “had enough” and “I’m not letting anyone get the better of me”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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