Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Who was found guilty of causing divide in new task?

Big Brother Summer 2014

The result of the weekend's Big Brother 2014 court has task has been decided, but just who was foiund guilty?

Yesterday, both Ashleigh and Helen Wood were put on ‘trial’: The big question is who has caused the divide in the Big Brother house?

Helen and Ashleigh each took to the stand so the mock court can determine who is most guilty of causing the division.

Other Housemates acted as prosecution and defence lawyers, while ex Housemates returned to be cross examined. The ultimate verdict was given be Judge Judi James.

The teams were:

Ashleigh, Chris and Christopher

Helen, Ash and Pav.

bb court task 1

In prosecution of Helen, Matthew returned to say: "Helen's a very influential person in the house and I think she hold influence over her friends over who they should be friends with."

On the other side, Kimberly made a reappearance to prosecute Ashleigh, saying: "She does isolate herself which can cause divides in the house.”

Danielle McMahon came to Ashleigh's defence while Steven Good returned to defend Helen, which was always going to be a bad idea.

Giving her verdict judge Judi James said: "I would say that clearly there is blame on both sides, that's been obvious.

"What we have here are two strong, feisty women who both like to fight their own corner and don't like to back down."

Turning to Helen and her team, Judi declared: ""I have to say, while it's a close call it was your own team that damned you with the word 'aggression' and I hereby find Helen guilty of the one of causing the divide."

bb court task 2

She concluded "I would like you to think now that you've done your fighting and you can sit back and enjoy yourself."

The task airs tonight on the latest BBUK highlights on Channel 5.

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