Big Brother 2014: Kimberly Kisselovich returns to hit out at Ashleigh Coyle

Kimberly Kisselovich temporarily returned to the Big Brother 2014 house today to have a go at Ashleigh Coyle.

It was part of this evening's latest task where both Ashleigh and Helen Wood were put on 'trial'.

The pair were brought to the stand to face their crimes. The big question is who has caused the divide in the Big Brother house?

Helen and Ashleigh each took to the stand, so the court can determine who is most guilty of causing the division.

Other Housemates will act as prosecution and defence lawyers, while ex Housemates will return to be cross examined. The ultimate verdict will be given be Judge Judi James.

It's little surprise to learn that the team were split as follows:

Ashleigh, Chris and Christopher

Helen, Ash and Pav.

As part of the task, there was an introductory VT showing the Helen and Ashleigh venting about one another in the Diary Room.

Ashleigh took to the stand first as Pav prosecuted, calling former housemate Kimberly to testify against the Northern Irish housemate.

Kimberly said: "When I did become friends with Helen, when Jale and I would ask her if she and Danielle would join us or do something altogether, she wouldn't do it.

"When we all jumped in the pool, once again she denied it. She does isolate herself which can cause divides in the house."

From the stand, Ashleigh replied "I don't have much to say about Kimberley."

The full task will air on Monday night's highlights show.

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