Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood complains about 'game playing bitch' Ashleigh Coyle

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Helen Wood is on the war path again in tonight's Big Brother and Ashleigh Coyle is the target.

To the surprise of quite literally no one.

In the Diary Room, Helen tells Big Brother that she thinks Ashleigh is “false” and “a girly girl…but she’s also a massive bi*ch…I’m a bi*ch as well!”

She goes on to say that “she works everyone like a puppet…she knows exactly what she’s doing and if she wins, she’s playing a very good game”

Helen also tells Big Brother that her experience has been “the biggest learning curve” and that she’s “learnt something new” from each of the Housemates. She speculates that 90% of the population will hate her and says, “f**k it! If I’m hated, I’m hated…it’s better to be talked about then to not be talked about at all” She starts to cry as she talks about her son and says, “I can’t wait to see him…I just hope he’s not changed”

Later on, Ashleigh tells Big Brother that she’s “dead excited” to be in the final and goes on to discuss the different groups in the House.

She suggests that Pav is in Ash and Helen’s group, “It’s like watching the new kid desperately trying to get in with the popular kids…he’s actually a really nice guy and easy to talk to…It cringes me out when I see him desperately want to be their friend”

Big Brother 2014 airs at 9PM on Channel 5 tonight.

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