Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 66 recap and highlights

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Here's a spoiler filled recap of tonight's Big Brother 2014 house highlights.

It's Day 66 and Last night, Mark and Winston left the Big Brother House in a surprise double eviction.

The Housemates discuss the impact it will have on the House and Ash suggests that if “two others could have gone and it not be as bad” Realising what he has said, he adds “No offence Pav” and Helen jokes, “f**king pointless Pav” Ash then turns to Helen and says with a laugh, “if you went Helen, it would be different…everyone could finally have a good f**king time”

In the kitchen, Ash impersonates Helen and her accent and she reveals that no one has ever said anything about her accent before. Ash jokes that it’s because “everyone’s scared of you because you’re dangerous and malicious”

Pav joins in saying “and aggressive” before adding “I’m bl**dy pointless”. Helen then says she’s excited to see the reactions when she’s evicted but hopes she doesn’t go weird.

When pressed on what she means, she says, “If I got booed like that, I’m just hoping to God that I’d burst out laughing” They then discuss Mark and the negative reaction he received from the crowd. Ash says, “Even though he knew he was going and he had a bad reception, he thought in his head that he was definitely going to be loved by a lot of people” Helen remarks, “It doesn’t leave me in high hope then!” and Ash jokes, “You’re fu*ked” Helen agrees saying, “Mine’s going to be the worst…Ever!”

After collecting Mark’s prize money, Christopher talks to Big Bother about the changes in the group dynamic. He says that there “was hostility” yesterday but that has gone now that Helen’s group has “collapsed” He goes on to describe Helen as “one of the lads…she has more testosterone than any other man in this House…in many ways, she is the alpha male of this house because she is very blokeish in her attitude”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates for today’s task and tells then that they will all be interviewed to assess whether they would make a worthy finalist. For the first part of the task, the Housemates must write their CVs, which they all take very seriously. Helen struggles with spelling the word “controversial” and Ash suggests that the thing he brings to the House is “height” When asked to give an example of when she’s dealt with conflicts well in the House, Ash and Pav tell Helen she should write “none”

The Housemates are all suited and booted for their interview with Big Brother and called one by one to the Diary Room:

o Ashleigh says that “sometimes when I don’t like things I find it very hard to tolerate it for a long time, or even a short time. I give people too many chances…I think I’ve learnt not to do that…a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots”

o Helen’s CV says that the viewers will find her entertaining as she’s “kn*b and finds in impossible to keep her mouth shut” When asked if she thinks she’s a bi*ch, she says she is and adds, “I’m happy to be a bi*ch with Ashleigh…she’s driving me insane”

In the garden, Ash jokes that Helen’s description of herself is similar to a pit-bull. An unimpressed Helen says, “Great! Aggressive, manipulative, two faced pit-bull…I’d rather be that than some yappy little s**t thing!” Ash says, “You’d need a short lead and a muzzle!”

Ash, Chris and Christopher are called to the Diary Room for their interview with Big Brother:

o Chris says that his strength in the House is that he likes to find neutral ground and offer perspective

o Christopher says that if he was a film character, he would be Mrs Doubtfire, before entertaining Big Brother with an impression

o Ash describes himself as “fun, caring and awesome” and goes on to say that he would like to be James Bond or Superman

For the second part of today’s task, the Housemates must take part in some classic Big Brother tasks including eating chillies, receiving an electric shock, covering themselves in gunge and face to face nominations, JUST FOR FUN!

Ashleigh nominates Helen “because she’s got out of nominations since week one”, Helen nominates Ashleigh “because we do bicker”, Christopher and Pav nominate Chris because he’s “shown the least enthusiasm” and Ash nominates “moaning bi*ch” Helen because “she should have gone in week one”

In the Diary Room, Ash tells Big Brother that the House feels “so empty” and “worse than ever” now that two of his best friends have gone.

In the garden, Christopher spills the beans on his relationship with Mark and admits that he’s “a very good kisser…I get the impression he’s quite kinky”

In the garden, Ash admits that his Mum hates any woman to do with him. Helen then says that she would look at her with disgust. She then says that she likes Pav, despite not wanting him to win and goes on to say that she’s not sure about Christopher. They then discuss who could win the show and Ash says that he doesn’t want Ashleigh, Chris or Christopher to win. Helen says she doesn’t think she’ll win because “I probably cheated my way here anyway”

Chris tells Big Brother that he has “very mixed feelings about Ash” adding that even though he likes him, there is no loss that they won’t be friends in the outside world.

He goes on to say that he thinks Helen is “sweet and lovely at the moment but I’m not ever, ever going to presume she is the person I thought she was before. I look at her and think ‘I really like you’…but I don’t” He says that now Mark and Winston have left, “the geeks are taking over the asylum”

Big Brother 2014 airs at 9PM on Channel 5 tonight.

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