Big Brother 2014: Ash Harrison thinks only and Helen Wood deserve to win

Big Brother Summer 2014

Ash Harrison reckons only he and Helen Wood deserve to win Big Brother 2014.

As part of yesterday's Final Countdown task, each of the six housemates had to have an interview with Big brother about their time in the house and explain why they deserve to be in the final.

Relaying some of his chat with BB last night to Helen, Ash said: "I was like like 'The only person that deserves to win now is me or Helen, no one else really deserves it.'

"I want me you or Pav[!] to win, I want me or you to win, but I don't want to win.

"It sounds biased if I say I want Helen to in but if you think about Big Brother this year you think of Helen."

In their night bitching session, Helen and Ash also took swipes at some of the other housemates.

The pair said they didn't want Ashleigh Coyle to win at all costs while they also discussed Christopher's chances with Ash declaring: "I think he's got a massive shot."

However, Helen then insisted she didn't want to win: "See, I don't because I know I've probably cheated my way all the way here anyway."

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The BBUK final airs next Friday night on Channel 5.

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