Big Brother 2014: Winston Showan defends "sensitive" Helen Wood

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Evicted Big Brother 2014 housemate Winston Showan has come to Helen Wood's defence.

After leaving the show in a shock exit on Friday, Winston has been encouraging viewers to get behind Helen ahead of the final.

Although he's still championing bromance partner Ash Harrison to win the £100,000 next Friday night.

Speaking after his exit during the last live show, Winston suggested that his relationship with Helen may have been why he was evicted.

"From what people are saying, it may've been because I was a friend of Helen," Winston said. "I can see why people don't like her, there were times when she did my head in.

"We'd have an argument, I'd call her out on it, then the next day we'd talk and be fine.

"She's actually got a sensitive side to her that people don't see. She can be hurt quite easily."

In a new interview with the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper, Winston added: "She's fun. She's like a lad mate. She can go overboard with stuff, she does come across aggressive probably, but she's just being herself and not holding back. She's a friend."

Meanwhile, the Essex lad told the tabloid that he's looking forward to meeting up with Tamara but insisted he had yet to contact her.

Winston explained: "When I came out, I realised my mobile has been cut off. I sorted everything else out apart from that. I usually call up and pay at the end of each month, but I forgot to set up a direct debit.

"I haven't managed to contact anyone, I haven't even been on my Twitter. I'm planning to ring her and meet up with her definitely."

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