Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron 'dumps' Christopher Hall


Evicted Big Brother housemate Mark Byron has revealed he doesn't want to go on a date with Christopher Hall.

While the Liverpudlian was coy over the prospects of his future with Christopher during Friday's live show, it seems things have changed since spending time outside of the house.

In new interview today, Mark admitted that all the arguing with Christopher was "draining".

"It's not going to go anywhere," he concluded. "I think I was just a bit lonely in there.

"I say that I don't have any regrets but I do regret kissing him a little bit."

Mark confessed: "I know we have said we'll go on a date but now I don't want a relationship with him.

"He doesn't know that yet because I only decided on Friday after I'd left the house. I hope I haven't led him along."

Speaking to the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper, Mark revealed that Friday's eviction even saw a fight between one of his family members and one of Christopher's.

"My cousin and one of Chris's friends had quite an argument backstage. Apparently they took each other to the cleaners. I'm quite concerned about it," he told the tabloid. "Then my cousin and best mate were telling me Christopher hasn't been very nice about me in the diary room.

"I don't even want to repeat the words they used to describe him. But I take their advice in a big way so I just want to be friends with him now."

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