Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle's not looking forward to the final week

Big Brother Summer 2014

Despite the latest eviction going her way, Ashleigh Coyle's still not excited for her last week inside.

The Northern Irish beauty is the favourite to win but it seems she can't wait to get out.

After saying she was "jealous" of whoever went on Friday, Ashleigh complained last night: "I'm just getting f**ked off now.

"I know the end is the end of the week but it's extremely hard to see that."

Chris R Wright replied: "You're way better at this than I am so you better f**king handle this!"

He explained: "You still have willing, I said to Christopher the other day, I feel that us three are at the three stages of degradation.

"You still have a lust for life, just normal, you still rightly got the energy and enthusiasm and confidence to prove yourself and the ambition...

"Christopher is more or less of the same level but he's a little bit brow beaten and is at the cynical level...

"Then you got me who is more or less that, but with a kind of attitude. I still have the enthusiasm but it's not the same."

Chris concluded: "It'd be wrong for me to be here beyond you two, just on principle."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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