Big Brother 2014: Winston Showan hits out at "brat" Ashleigh Coyle

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Evicted Big Brother housemate Winston Showan has hit out Ashleigh Coyle, branding her a "brat".

Perhaps still hurt from his eviction just a week before the final yesterday, Winston claimed this evening that Ashleigh was "definitely not a winner".

In a Facebook Q and A that took place this afternoon, Winston was asked: "If you had the chance to evict any of the final 6 who would it be and why?"

He replied: "I'd evict Ashleigh, because she's just gameplaying people in the house, and she's a bit of a brat.

"Not a nice person, and definitely not a winner... though she probably will be and I've got no idea why."

Replying to a second question about why he thought Ashleigh was the favourite to win the series next week, Winston added: I have no idea. I don't think she should be, she's a horrible person and a brat."

It seems that the ill feeling between Ashleigh and Winston is mutual.

In tonight's show, Ashleigh tells Christopher and Chris ahead of the eviction that Winston hasn’t spoken to her today and adds that he is easily the most annoying human in the house.

She claimed that the comment he made about Big Brother making the rainbow was smart as he’s duped people into thinking he’s dumber than he is.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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