Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 65 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a recap of all of yesterday's Big Brother 2014 house action as two were booted out.

It's Day 65 and it’s the day after Ash, Helen and Winston stage their break out attempt from the house and Big Brother is not happy and all the Housemates face the consequences.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas and informs them that one of the fundamental rules of the house has been broken and they will all be punished in the following ways: The bedroom will remain locked, there will be no hot water and all but basic rations have been removed from the kitchen. This regime will stay in place until Big Brother thinks they have understood the rules and is assured that Ash, Helen and Winston are contrite.

The offending trio giggle during Big Brother’s pronouncement and Ashleigh is less than impressed that the innocent Housemates don’t receive an instant apology.

Ash and Winston go into the garden where Ash tells his buddy that he had a dream last night he was getting told off but says: ‘It was funny though wasn’t it?’

Back on the sofas, Ashleigh asks Helen to apologise but Helen won’t do this to order and repeats that she did say that she felt guilty but will apologise in her own time. Helen says that Big Brother wants them all to get annoyed with her, Ash and Winston and the others are just playing into Big Brother’s hands.

Chris goes to the Diary Room to vent about what he sees as their childish behaviour. He says that they are living in their 14 year old brains, he adds: ‘No offence to 14 year olds.’ He also says that he feels that Helen always has to be in trouble as that’s her natural state. Big Brother asks if he thinks that they will say sorry and he says: ‘No.’ He also compares Helen’s clique to the ancient civilisation of Sparta.

Helen, Ash and Winston are in the garden talking about their offence. Ash reasons it was ‘only a bit of banter’ and Helen says of Ashleigh: ‘I can’t be doing with her.’ Ash walks into the living area and says: ‘Sorry guys’ to the group and Mark says he really appreciates the effort. Helen later says: ‘I’m glad we did it.’

Christopher tells Mark that only he could pull off a leopard print toga, sunglasses and an Emile Sande hair-do.

Mark goes to the Diary Room and says that the punishment that Big Brother is inflicting on him is against his human rights. He compares not being able to do his hair and have a shower to keeping bananas from a monkey and stopping fish from swimming. He adds that he is tough but if he leaves the house looking like sh*t, he will never come back from it.

Mark is panicking about his appearance and tells Ash, Helen and Winston that they have to take action and stop Big Brother’s punishment so he can start getting ready for eviction night. They decide to sing an apology song. Mark says if they don’t convince Big Brother and he has to leave in his present state, he will never speak to any of them again.

Mark gathers the Housemates so that they trio can sing their song, Helen says they are laughing through nerves, nothing else. The song doesn’t start well but after a telling off from Mark things improve and the other Housemates seem to realise that they are indeed sorry.

Mark and Christopher spend some time alone in the pod. They both say they have mentally prepared themselves to leave the house. Mark says he doesn’t feel bad about going for he first time. Christopher observes that they are 90% of the way through ‘the game’ and that it would be great to get to the final. Mark says that one of the reasons he’s happy to go is the new divide in the house and that he wouldn’t want to live in a divided house for another 7 days.

To make sure that the trio are sorry, Big Brother builds stocks in the garden for them, complete with buckets of slop for the rest of the Housemates to tip on their heads. After this medieval punishment, Big Brother decides that the trio have repented sufficiently and opens the bedroom and turns the hot water back on.

The nominated House mates go to the Diary Room to express their feelings. Mark says that he feels like he’s in the queue for the Big Dipper in Blackpool. Pav says that it’s the first time that he hasn’t wanted to go. Christopher says it would mean the world to him to get to the final and Winston says he would love to make it to the final so he could have the whole experience.

The Housemates gather on the sofas for the eviction or evictions as it turns out. To everyone’s shock the first one to go is Mark, he seems resigned and they walk him to the stairs. He does get very loud boos from the crowd and Helen says that when the doors opened, he was ‘s**tting it.’ The next eviction is the biggest shock of the series so far – Winston. The Housemates all look gob-smacked and Helen says: ‘Is this a joke?’ He leaves to cheers and the doors close and then there were 6.

Helen notices that they were all laughing when Winston left as they didn’t believe it and so they didn’t say goodbye properly. They all decide he is in the next room and that he is the next Power Housemate.

Big Brother calls Ash to the Diary Room to assure him that Winston has been evicted, the same as Mark and neither of them will be returning to the house. Helen gives Ash a hug when he returns to the group and says: ‘You’ll see him in a week.’

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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