Big Brother 2014 finalists given 'Final Countdown task - details!

Big Brother Summer 2014

The six remaining Big Brother 2014 housemates have been given a Final Countdown task.

A total of 19 housemates took part in this year's run and since June some twelve have been evicted, and one poorly one has left.

It's left us with the final six: Ash Harrison, Ashleigh Coyle, Chris R Wright, Christopher Hall, Helen Wood and Pav Paul.

On Friday night one of them will be crowned the champion of Big Brother 2014 and walk out with some £100,000.

But before that they've got one more task from Big Brother: Show why they deserve to be in the final.

All six have been provided with pens and paper to write up a CV which explains why they're qualified to be in the BBUK 2014 final.

There will also be a "physical challenge" to the test the "taskability" with prizes dished out for the most successful housemates.

In the garden there is a:

• Electric shock wire

• Chilli eating – habanera chilli pepper/scotch bonnet

• Clippers

• Performance area

• Mystery box full of gross stuff that they have to fish something out of including chicken feet

• Bucket of gunge to tip on your head

The housemates must each take turns to go down the gauntlet of tasks, trying to do as many as possible, as this is their chance to prove themselves as Housemates.

Then in the evening the Housemates wil be gathered at the sofas. The Housemates faces will appear on the TV screen and housemates will take it in turns to stand and explain why that Housemate should or shouldn’t win Big Brother.

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Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The live final with host Emma Willis will air next Friday, August 15 at 9PM.

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