Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle and Chris R Wright are FUMING

Big Brother Summer 2014

Ashleigh Coyle and Chris R Wright have been left fuming in the BBUK house this afternoon.

It followed last night's breakout which saw Helen Wood, Ash Harrison and Winston break out of the house via a fire exit.

This morning the whole house was punished and the trio refused to say sorry, leading to a huge row between Helen and Ashleigh

Reflecting on the morning's antics, Ashleigh said: "We're just looking for an apology more than anything."

After relaying her clash with Helen to Chris, who had been in the Diary Room, Ashleigh sighed: "Get me the f**k out of here. You cant go tonight, sorry, I will not be spending anu time with them for the next week, that's just the way it's going. Especially Helen."

Meanwhile, Chris ranted: "They're not people, they're not anything, they've no talent among them no skills, no talent.

"I don't know what else [they] are."

Christopher agreed: "They're the three oldest housemates in here. It's unbelievable, it defies belief.

"It's like 'What on earth? What the hell?' I don't get it, I get having fun but don't get that you can act with reckless abandon and get away with it and not apologise."

We feel this row is just going to run and run and run...

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