Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron and Christopher Hall make up... sort of

Big Brother Summer 2014

Mark Byron and Christopher Hall have had a heard to heart following yesterday's blazing row.

The pair went head to head in a clash over the prize money, with Mark particularly angry at Christopher for fighting Chris' battle as well as Chris himself for apparently letting Christopher 'take the flack'.

In tonight's show, Mark and Christopher haven’t spoken since the previous night and Mark makes the first approach, they start to talk with Christopher saying that he won’t ‘forsake’ Chris and refusing, once again, to take Mark’s advice.

They move their conversation to the pod when Chris walks into the kitchen.

There they continue their chat and Mark tells him he felt a little jealous watching Christopher defend Chris so strongly as he doesn’t think Christopher would ever do that for him.

Christopher tells him that he would never have to and Mark agrees, saying that he would never get himself into that situation and if he did would get himself out very quickly.

Christopher goes on to say that he ‘really trusts’ Chris and Mark warns him to remember the advice he has given him.

Christopher says: "This time I think you’re wrong."

Big Brother 2014 airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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