Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood rows with Ashleigh Coyle (again!)

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood and Ashleigh Coyle went head to head in the Big Brother 2014 house this afternoon.

It followed last night's breakout which saw Helen, Ash Harrison and Winston break out of the house via a fire exit.

This morning saw BB punish the whole house, removing access to the bedroom, all food and hot water from the house ahead of tonight's eviction.

Ashleigh told Helen to apologise but she snapped back: "I just said I feel guilty, don't tell me how I should feel, who the hell do you think you're speaking to. Don't tell me how to f**king feel Ashleigh, Queen f**king bee over there.

"I will apologise when I want to apologise not want you f**king want me."

Ashleigh barked back: "Shove it up your a**e."

Helen bitched: "Stupid f**king b***h, she's a f**king rant in there."

Using up the BB swear quota between them before lunchtime, Ashleigh hit back: "She's a f**king ****."

In the garden, Helen told Ash and Winston: "The more that people react... don't kick up a fuss, if people kick off it's going to make people feel guilty."

Ash revealed: "I couldn't give it a f**k. It was a bit of a banter. it's so funny."

Helen replied: "I find it funny I just can't be arsed with her saying I need to apologise, stupid cow."


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