Big Brother 2014 housemates make eviction predictions

Big Brother Summer 2014

The Big Brother 2014 housemates have been making their predictions ahead of tonight's live show.

Five housemates - Chris, Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston - face the axe this evening.

It's a double eviction and it seems as though some housemates are on to BB's twist with Pav remarking: "I think it'll be a double now someone extra has been added to it."

Discussing who could be the unlucky ones to leave just a week before the final, Christopher suggested: "Me or Mark. I think it'll be me or Mark given the way we've been going on.

"I can't see Mark going," Ash said.

"I genuinely hope he doesn't," Christopher replied. "Maybe I've just been brainwashed by Mark saying it's either me or him, we keep fighting over time it can't be good."

Ash said: "I think Chris has got a good chance of going."

Christopher seemed to agree: "I think Winston and Pav are safe."

Meanwhile, even though she's not facing eviction, Ashleigh Coyle admitted she wanted out.

"I'm just having such a hard time. I keep trying to focus on things that have happened nice to me and stuff but I can't," she confided in Chris. "I'm really struggling to stay out of it. I think it's the worry of so many s**t things happening.

"I feel so stupid because I'm going to see them next week but I'm struggling so much to stop thinking about it."

Convinced she's got no chance of winning, Ashleigh concluded: "I'm seriously jealous of whoever goes tomorrow."

Who do you want to leave in tonight's live eviction? Vote in our latest eviction poll below!

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Join host Emma Willis on Channel 5 tonight for the live double eviction from 9PM!

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