Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle, Christopher Hall win fast food for house

Big Brother Summer 2014

Ashleigh Coyle and Christopher Hall won fast food for the house in tonight's latest Big Brother UK task.

Earlier in the week a poll on the Big Brother 2014 website gave us viewers the chance to vote on some rather bizarre questions.

With the results in, earlier today Ashleigh and Christopher were called to the Diary Room.

There they were told they had to correctly predict the public's answers to the questions in order to win a treat.

The questions included:

Which housemate has the cheapest wardrobe?

Which housemate would you pay most to give you a massage?

Who would you pay the most to see fired out of a catapault?

Whose silence would you pay most to buy?

Which housemate should pay for a personality transplant?

Which housemate’s hair is most valuable?

For getting 'enough' of the answers correct, Ashleigh and Christopher won the house a treat of fast food grub for dinner tonight.

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