Big Brother 2014 housemates don't want Mark Byron evicted

Big Brother Summer 2014

The BBUK housemates have been contemplating tomorrow night's latest eviction.

The end of the road is looming for two housemates with Chris, Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston all facing eviction this week.

And it seems that there's a clear favourite in the house with the group declaring that they didn't want Mark to go.

"I'll be gutted cause it'll be me left to get slagged off, I will be gutted, I'll cry." Helen said. "Of course I will."

"Promise?" asked Mark, "I want tears from you all."

Ash reassured him: "You're never going to. I'll be heartbroken if you went to tomorrow. If any of yous [Mark or Winston] went I'd be f**king gutted"

Helen said: "The house would not be the same tomorrow. I wouldn't want to be here, it wouldn't be the same."

Mark reflected: "It's going to be so gutting, it'll be the end of the era for me. I've had the best summer I've ever had in my life, this has been the summer of my life, I'll remember this summer forever."

Earlier, Ash had declared he wanted both Christopher and Chris out in tomorrow night's live show.

He declared: "Christopher should go, Chris should go.. hopefully.

“I think Chris will go but I’d rather Christopher, I don’t like him anymore.”

Who do you want out tomorrow night? Remember it's a double eviction!

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