Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron is livid with Chris R Wright

Big Brother Summer 2014

Mark Byron has given his opinion on last night's epic Big Brother row and he reckons Chris R Wright was in the wrong.

In the night, Christopher Hall exploded at Helen Wood in defence of Chris in an argument following a prize fund twist.

Speaking this afternoon, Mark told Ashleigh Coyle: "My opinion about it, which I think is an unbiased one, as I am mates with everyone, when it was all going of, Chris took a back seat and let Christopher take all flack.

"I didn't want to say 'Shut up', but I was telling him 'Chris can speak for myself'."

Mark continued: "If you or Helen were to defend me, I couldn't just sit back and let you fight my battle for me."

He added; "I think Christopher ended up getting it even worse in the neck then even Chris did, that proper did my head in.

"It just reminded me of when you and Helen had that row and Danielle just sat there."

Mark concluded: "You don't let your mate take all the s**t, you just don't."

Watch all the rows and fall on tonight's BBUK from 10PM on Channel 5.

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