Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 64 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled recap of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights as eviction looms.

Mark’s thoughts are on his possible eviction and he shows Helen and Ash his practiced wave and pose for his big exit.

Helen and Ash talk about who might leave the house and Ash says that he thinks it will be Chris but he wants it to be Christopher. He adds: I don’t like Christopher now.’

Chris talks to Christopher about the cliques in the house and says that the pact row was the excuse Helen’s clique needed to sideline him again. Christopher says: ‘I’m really sick of these f**king cliques.’ They agree that Helen’s clique is ‘untouchable in this house.’

Mark talks to the Diary Room and talks about the new divide in the house which puts him on the opposite side from Christopher. Mark says he is upset that Chris just sat there and listened while Christopher fought his corner, looking like ‘a seagull having a sh*t.’ He says that he would never let anyone fight his battles even is he was incapable of arguing for himself.

Ashleigh and Chris watch Helen walk by in the garden and Ashleigh remarks: ‘There’s your sexiest Housemate.’

Winston talks to Big Brother and reiterates his stance that the pact would only have worked if everyone agreed to say no to the extra money, although he does understand Ash and Mark’s reasoning he still finds Chris’ ‘gutless.’

In the next task, Christopher and Ashleigh must guess the values that the public have placed on the Housemates’ characteristics. They sit in the Diary Room and must guess between the Housemate pictures that appear on screen.

Housemate who most needs to pay for a personality transplant
Options – Pav or Ash
Housemate guess – Ash
Correct answer - Pav

Cost the most happy to keep happy
Options – Helen or Ashleigh
Housemate guess – Helen
Correct answer - Helen

Who’s wardrobe looks cheaper
Options – Ashleigh or Mark
Housemate guess – Ashleigh
Correct answer – Mark

Opinion the public values highest
Options – Mark or Christopher
Housemate guess – Mark
Correct answer – Christopher

Pay to go on a date with
Options – Ash or Winston
Housemate guess – Winston
Correct answer - Ash

Pay to be silent for a day
Options – Helen or Mark
Housemate guess – Helen
Correct answer - Helen

Hear really speak their mind
Options – Ash or Winston
Housemate guess – Winston
Correct answer – Winston

The Housemates answered enough questions correctly to earn a reward.

Pav, Ash and Helen mull over the task and Ash asks Helen is she’s OK after hearing the public’s opinion of her.

Ashleigh is sitting on Chris’ bed where he has retreated as he is upset about some of Helen’s comments during the task. He says: ‘I’m right back to where I started with all of it.’ Christopher approaches and agrees that the other Housemates can be ‘brutal, sharp and nasty.’

Christopher, Chris and Ashleigh talk about Helen and Ashleigh comments that Helen has never had to modify her behaviour in the house and has remained herself as she has the security of the final pass.

Ash, Pav and Helen talk about Ashleigh possibly winning the series. Ash says: ‘She doesn’t deserve to win.’ Helen says that Winston should win as he has remained constant and been everyone’s friend throughout. Ash says that Ashleigh isn’t fully involved in the house and Helen agrees saying: ‘She doesn’t even know us.’

The Housemates are in the garden talking about Mark and Christopher asks if Mark really does want to go or if he is just mentally preparing himself to cushion the blow. Ash says if it was earlier on the series, seeing Mark leave would have been a ‘travesty.’

Ashleigh talks to Chris about her mood and she says would be jealous of anyone who left this week and that she is worried about Chris leaving. Chris says: ‘You’re good, you never needed me here.’ Chris also says that if he does leave she will still have Christopher.

Helen is feeling ‘restless’ and Ash ‘giddy’, together recruit Winston and stage a break out attempt through one of the bedroom doors, which is foiled pretty much immediately and they are herded back into the house. Christopher says: ‘Good on them, it’s the best craic we’ve had in ages.’ Chris is slightly less amused by the hilarity and says: ‘Kick the t**ts out.’

Big Brother airs tonight on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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