Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood gets warning over 'smashing head in' threat

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood has received another warning in the Big Brother 2014 house.

It stems from her latest outburst following a row with Ashleigh Coyle which aired in last night's highlights show.

After overhearing Ashleigh and Chris R Wright talking about her while she was in the bathroom, Helen snapped: “I can’t believe I’ve just heard people speak about me like that, I actually just want to go in and smash her f**king head in."

She bitched: “F**king Cheeky f**king b***h. I can’t believe the two faced little c**ts!”

Later on, Helen was in the garden relaying what she heard. Helen claimed: “I’m going to get my own back, but I’m not going to tell them…I feel like p***ing all over the pillows, I feel like tearing the s**t, but I won’t even lower myself. I’m going to do something though…”

BB dragged Helen into the Diary Room to reprimand her over the comments, especially her remark about wanting to 'smash [Ashleigh's] f**king head in'.

Big Brother asked: "Do you understand how these phrases can cause offence to people in the outside and people and housemates in the house?

Helen replied: "Yeah... sorry."

She later broke down in tears and told Big Brother: "I just feel really guilty.. saying f**king stupid comments.

"It just sounds so awful when it's read back to me. S**t. Me and my big f**king mouth.

"I just don't filter things through when I was going off on one last night."

She added: "I just feel like an absolute t****r."

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