Big Brother UK: Drunk Chris R Wright brands Helen Wood 'sexy'

Chris during task (1)

Chris R Wright gets awfully drunk on tonight's BBUK and we can't but feel he'll regret it in the morning.

After a few drinks, Helen remarks to Chris and Mark, “I look like a f**king crack whore”.

A then tipsy Chris disagrees and tells her that she’s the “hottest Housemate”

Chris later says to Ashleigh “I told Helen she’s the sexiest Housemate” to which Ashleigh distorts her face in disgust and replies “eww”.

He then goes on to explain “I don’t give a f**k if she’s the most sexiest person, I’d still say she’s the least appealing person”

Ashleigh retorts “I just don’t know how people like that can be classed as sexy”

Later on and in the garden Ashleigh says to everyone that Chris is a “seriously annoying drunk” and that “You’re pi**ing off Ashleigh because you keep saying you’re pi**ing off Ashleigh”

Helen advises Chris to “stop opening your mouth, you talk a lot of sh*t.”

As the other housemates begin to settle down for the night, Chris is in the bedroom with Ashleigh and admits “I am being a d**k” to which Ashleigh coldly replies “If I was you I wouldn’t even speak to me at the moment”.

Chris reassures her “I never spoke to Helen”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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