Big Brother 2014: Christopher Hall, Mark Byron clash then snog


There's shouting followed by snogging on tonight's BBUK highlights.

Following the previous night’s argument, Christopher Hall tells Big Brother that he was “really, really angry” with Mark Byron and “sometimes they say the truth comes out when you’re drunk”

He goes on to say that Mark would have loved to nominate him but was “worried about how that would come across” and that he’s seen things in Mark in the past few days that have “made me question why on earth I would want to be with him”

Later on the pair confront one another: Mark says that he felt like he had reason to nominate him but adds that he “wouldn’t put you in the line of fire like that” He goes on to suggest that Christopher has “lost himself a little bit” in the past week.

Christopher observes that Mark only got angry with him after Saturday’s task after spending time with Helen in the Pod.

Mark retorts, “Helen can’t influence me...Don’t tell me I can’t f**king speak for myself...That’s very f**king insulting...Don’t even insinuate that Helen’s got some influence on me and I can’t speak my own mind”

Christopher then tells Mark that he felt “so embarrassed” and “humiliated” by what he said in front of the group before ending the argument saying that he wishes he did nominate him for eviction.

Later, in the bedroom, Mark apologises to Christopher, who assures him that everything he does “comes from the heart” Mark admits “you haven’t got a bad bone in your body” and Christopher then explains that he won’t accept being labelled a liar. The pair then complement each other on how they look today

The then kiss and make up under the covers before Christopher remarks, “You look like one giant eyebrow”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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