Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 62 recap and highlights

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Here's your daily recap of the latest Big Brother 2014 goings on.

In tonight's show it's Day 62 and after yesterday’s face to face nominations, Mark, Christopher, Winston and Pav are all up for eviction

In the bedroom, Winston is checking himself out in the mirror and jokes that he “can’t wait till tomorrow” because “I get better looking every day!” Mark tells him that he “feels like f**king s**t” after last night’s drinking and when reminded about his conversation with Christopher, a horrified Mark exclaims, “What am I playing at? F**k!”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas and tells them that they will be given the chance to increase the prize fund by £25,000 over the next two days. Ash says, “I’ve got absolutely zero chance of winning…I couldn’t care less!” When Winston suggests that any of them could win, Helen remarks “Oh look! There’s that f**king pig flying again!” The Housemates then agree that any prize money over £100,000 will be divided between them all, with the remainder going to charity. Helen doesn’t seem keen and exclaims, “No, I give enough to charity!”

In the Diary Room, an insightful Winston speculates that the Power of Money task is “probably something to do with money”

Chris talks to Ashleigh about Ash’s response to the task and notes that his attitude completely changed when it became about money. Ashleigh adds that she “nearly f**king dropped on the spot when Helen said ‘why would we give a grand to charity?’ That just shows what type of people we’re living with in this House”

Big Brother calls the Housemates to the sofas and reveals that one more Housemate will face eviction. Ashleigh, Ash and Chris all choose a gold envelope containing different monetary values. Winston, Mark, Pav and Christopher then choose Chris to join them in facing the public vote this week. Chris’ envelope contained the maximum £10,000 which will be added to the prize fund.

In the garden, Ash, Winston, Chris and Pav discuss their earlier pact to share the additional prize fund. Chris suggests that previous Housemates have made the same pact but haven’t honoured it. Ash remarks, “If you don’t share that £25,000 when you’ve got £100,000 in the bank, you’re a c**t”

Chris talks to Big Brother about being up for eviction and says, “It just feels wrong for me that Mark would be up for nomination and I wouldn’t…so this kind of alleviates it...I’ve got to go sometime” He goes on to speculate that, despite agreeing to share the additional prize money, it wouldn’t take much thought “to undo that agreement…good people can go bad with money”

Big Brother calls the Housemates to the sofas and says that three of them will face a dilemma that could result in a further £6,000 being added to the prize fund, or not. The three Housemates who didn’t receive a letter from home – Chris, Christopher and Mark – are then called to the Diary Room:

The first Housemate is Chris, who is given the chance to speak to his best friend Rob, who is waiting in a room next door. He responds saying, “I’m doing this, f**k it!” Rob then advises Chris to “stay happy, stay positive and keep doing your Diary Room rants, which are hilarious!”

The second Housemate called to the Diary Room is Christopher, who is given the chance to spend time with his best friend Carl. Christopher initially declines “with a heavy heart”, but soon changes his mind when he realises it will only cost £20 per second. Carl tells Christopher that everyone is rooting for him back home, not to worry about what family think and to enjoy the last few days in the House.

Finally, Mark is given the chance to see his Nan and cousin. His Nan tells him that he’s doing well but needs to stop swearing. As Mark spent the entire remaining time with his family and drained the money, the extra prize fund remains at £10,000.

For the next part of the challenge, the Housemates must drink Big Brother’s Special Brew, a revolting, stinky tofu cocktail. The more the Housemates drink, the more they will earn. The smell alone causes Mark to be sick in a bucket. Soon, all the Housemates, apart from Christopher give up. Christopher successfully manages to earn an additional £500 for the prize fund, before being sick himself.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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