Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood vows revenge on 'bitch' Ashleigh Coyle

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood is planning her revenge on Ashleigh Coyle and Chris R Wright in the BBUK house.

It's after she was left fuming when overhearing the pair bitch about her.

Speaking to Winston in the early hours of this morning, Helen said: "I've just literally heard Chris and Ashleigh slag me off to f**k.

"They're only making an effort with me because they have to, 'I'm a nightmare'...

"I've bigged them up in the Diary Room so much and then they just slagged me off. And people wonder why I'm a ****?"

Helen vowed: I'm going to get my own back, I'm just not going to tell them. I feel like ****ing all over their pillows.

"Why are they even talking about me, I've not even done anything to them?"

But then in a shocking case of hypocrisy, not only did Helen begin to slag Ashleigh off she did so by saying the exact same things that the Northern Irish housemate had said about her.

"I don't particularly like Ashleigh but I've got on with her because I've had to," Helen ranted. "In the real word I'd turn around and say to her, 'I can't f**king stand you, do not speak to me do not look at me, do not cross my path, I can't f**king stand you."

Helen declared that she would "seize her chance" later today to confront the pair.

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