Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood is FUMING after overhearing bitching

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood's been left fuming in the Big Brother UK house this evening after doing some sneaky eavesdropping.

While in the toilet, she overheard Chris R Wright and Ashleigh Coyle bitching about her.

"She is you and mine nightmare at school, I always look at her and go 'If I was at school with you, I'd f**king hate you'" a rather drunk Chris declared.

He told Ashleigh: "She would've been a bitch to you at school. She'd have been an absolute t***pot."

Ashleigh replied: "She would've probably destroyed my life at school."

But they also did admit to liking the mouthy Bolton lass, with Ashleigh saying: "I'm actually genuinely quite shocked at how much I quite like her."

Chris agreed: "The reason why I defend her is true and I think those reasons are valid.

"I always give her the benefit but I'm not sure she'll always return it."

Helen was quick to tell others of what she heard - well, the negative bits - dragging Mark Byron into the bog to reveal all: "Wow, I just listened to me getting f**king slagged off. I cant believe what I heard."

She waned him: "Do not repeat what I'm saying, they don't know I heard."

Mark suggested: "You'll have to say something."

But Helen insisted she wouldn't be launching into one of her trademark verbal attacks (yet), saying: "I will be false as f**k to the point that they're uncomfortable."

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