Big Brother 2014: Christopher Hall loses it with Mark Byron... then snogs him!


Christopher Hall lost it with Mark Byron in the Big Brother 2014 house yesterday.

It followed comments a very drunk Mark had made to the other housemates after Monday night's face to face nominations.

Christopher had complained after on Monday evening after Mark's comments: “I don’t get the respect back that I dish out to Mark and I’m not doing it any longer, this is it."

He warned Chris R Wright: "I’m going to have words with him tomorrow and if this continues I’m done, this is it, I’m out.”

And Christopher was true to his word, confronting a hungover Mark yesterday in the house.

"Now what on earth do people think of me? I'm sitting around the smoking area and the person I'm supposed to be closest to in the house is calling me everything under the sun," Christopher snapped.

Christopher was left especially wound up after Mark told the other housemates that he felt he should've nominated Christopher.

"What the hell do you think that did to me?" Christopher hit out. "I was f**king humiliated.

"Everyone was pissing themselves laughing about it, I was humiliated. You're supposed to be the person closest to me."

However come the afternoon the pair were back in bed together.

And soon after they dived under the sheets for a cheeky - but noisy snog.

BBUK airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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