Big Brother 2014 housemates fail every task in first day of prize fund twist

Big Brother Summer 2014

The Big Brother 2014 housemates failed every task of yesterday's prize fund twist.

Big Brother announced to the group that this week was the Power of Money, with the chance to add up to £25,000 to this year's prize pot.

The housemates half-halfheartedly agreed to split any extra money won between them, but even that deal didn't seem to encourage them to try.

They won £10,000 as Chris R Wright was put up for nomination in the first twist, although they were always gauranteed to win cash in that part of the task.

Next up, Ash Harrison and Winston Showan were both invited to have a haircut from Helen Wood in return for £1,000 each but both refused.

The group were then challenged to drink a disgusting cocktail, with the more drunk the more money being won for the prize fund, but the group again flopped with only Christopher really trying, winning just £500.

In the final task of the day, the three housemates who had yet to receive messages from home - Chris, Mark and Christopher - got to spend time with their family and friends in the small task room.

The trio had up to £6,000 to add to the prize fund with the amount decreasing the longer they spent with their family and friends.

Chris and Christopher each went in for a quick chat, each spending less than £1,500 of the £6,000 total to leave £3,152 remaining.

Mark however drained ALL of the remaining cash so that none of the original £6,000 was added to the prize fund.

Therefore, at the end of day one, the cash totaliser stands at £10,500.

The housemates will get more chances to win cash later today.

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