Big Brother 2014 housemates agree to split extra prize money

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The BBUK housemates have made a half arsed pact to split any extra prize money they win this week.

Over the next few days it's the Power of Money twist and the housemates will get the chance to add up to £25,000 to the current £100,000 prize.

After the task was announced the group suggested that they should split the extra money won.

"We can do our best but it's nothing to get stressed or pissed about," Chris R Wright said.

Winston Showan told the group: "What we could say if whoever the winner is, divides the 25 grand up between each of us."

Chris wasn't too interested however, sighing: "They do this every year..."

But with the other housemates all echoing calls of "I'll do that," Chris' comments fell on deaf ears with Helen Wood declaring: "Let's make a pact, we make an effort."

Afterwards, Chris moaned to Ashleigh Coyle: "Now if I do decide not to save my head or whatever people will be pissed off."

Ashleigh replied: "I will just not being doing it, I'm sorry, if I don't want to do it, I won't be doing it."

Chris agreed: "If anyone's got a problem with it I'll just say take me out of the split."

Ashleigh said: "I don't really see it [the split] happening, ever, ever ever.

Chris concurred: "It won't, the best thing to do is just play along. They'll all be miserable if you didn't do that."

"It's ridiculous, it really truly is," Ashleigh declared.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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